194 Queen West, Toronto

Remi-Jean LeBlanc Quartet ft. NY's Nir Felder

Nir Felder- Guitar

Montreal's Raphael Zaldivar- Piano

Remi Jean-LeBlanc- Bass

Sam Joly- Drums

"LeBlanc eventually asked guitarist Felder to play on Déductions and tour in his group, which also includes Montreal pianist Rafael Zaldivar and drummer Samuel Joly.

“Sam is a fantastic improviser and has a language that comes a lot from rock. Nir has a unique way of playing that also comes from rock, and Rafael, who comes from Cuban music to Monk to Danilo Perez, improvises like someone who comes from outer space, which I love.”

LeBlanc is featured principally on electric bass on his album, and while his compositions cover a gamut of jazz styles, rock-inflected music dominates, although it bristles with jazz creativity and spontaneity."


Performances this month:
Friday, March 15, 2019